Milky Way & Night Sky and/or Lightning Workshop, Big Bend National Park 2022

April 1 - April 6, 2022


CLICK here to send me an e-mail to sign up today and pay by check or go to the contact page to pay online!

Not included in workshop fee: Hotel, meals, and transportation . Workshop will provide water and some snacks.

(April 1 - April 6, ,checking out the morning of the 5th or 6th based on your driving/flying needs) . You must call and make your own room reservations! (See full details below)

Join us in the official "darkest area in North America", Big Bend, Texas for an exciting 4 nights of photographing the Milky Way and night skys. See the stars like you have never seen them before on nights with no moon to ruin your Milky Way exposures and plenty of great foreground objects to make your photographs more interesting and three dimensional. As always we can't control or guarantee our weather so if our weather doesn't cooperate with clear skies our backup plan is to hopefully chase whatever storms are causing the bad weather to get some fantastic lightning shots instead of, or as well as night photographs. We are going earlier this year to hopefully avoid the beginning of the rainy season. It means we will be out later in the evening to get the Milky Way but we should have a better chance of clear skies. If you are concered about weather issues we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance.

Base Itinerary: April 1 - April 6, 2022

Below is how our typical day schedule is set up.

We spend the early morning hours sleeping in since we will be out late each night. You are welcome to go out for sunrise on your own if you wish but it can be hot during the daytime in Big Bend in April. Be sure you go with a partner and take plenty of water. Mid-day hours 1- 6 pm are spent learning Photoshop/Lightroom, working on your images or free time (including extra sleep if you need it), based on what you prefer to do. We will go out for sunset photos if enough people are interested (no formal plans for this activity), then for Milky Way photography and/or time lapse photography with light painting and/or LL lighting included. Of course we have a lot of fun, social time at breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as after hours. Our prime objective for this workshop is the Milky Way but this workshop is by design made to fullfill at least one of our objectives even if we have bad weather that keeps us from photographing the night skies. The fall back plan would be to chase any bad storms that create the clouds that keep us from photographing the Milky Way. This means photographing during the early to late evening when storms may be forming. For best photographs of lightning you need to bring a neutral density filter of at least 2 to 4 stops or at least a polorizer.

Day 1 - April 1 (Fri)   Arrive at hotel by 6pm. Quick course on night photography. Bring your camera manuals. We will preset your cameras and find your infinity focal point for the lenses you will be using before we go out at night. Head out by 1:00am for night photography. We will need more time the first night to get set up. Old trailer and car location. (sunset 8:14pm, moon sets 10:24 pm Milky Way visible by 2:38am laying flat on the horizon) The Milky Way is best photographed between 3:00am and 5:30am when it is slightly higher in the night sky.

Day 2 - April 2 (Sat) Sleep in. (7:43am sunrise) 1:00 - 6:00pm, Computer time or free time, your choice. Lunch where and when you see fit. 7:00-8:45pm spaghetti dinner at my room, bring your drinks. Head out at 1:30am for night sky photography. We will be doing portraits of each student with the Milky Way tonight, as well as a group shot. Wear your favorite clothes. Location TBD. (sunset 8:13pm, moon sets 9:49pm, Milky Way visible by 2:47 am, The Milky Way is best photographed between 3:00am and 6:00am)

Day 3 - April 3 (Sun)   Sleep in. (7:42am sunrise) 1:00 - 6:00pm, Computer time or free time, your choice. Lunch where and when you see fit. Dinner at the Starlight Theater. Head out at 12:30am for night sky photography. Location Crowntown ruins. (sunset 8:14pm, moon sets 10:46pm, Milky Way fully visible at 2:44am. The Milky Way is best photographed between 3:45am and 6:00am)

Day 4 - April 4 (Mon)   Sleep in. (7:41 am sunrise) 11:00 - 6:00pm, Computer time or free time, your choice. Lunch where and when you see fit. 6:00-7:30pm Dinner location, burgers in my room, bring your drinks. Final Critique plus Q & A time 7:45 - 9:30. Head out at 1:30 am for night sky photography starting at Starlight Cememtary and moving to a secondary location for the Milky Way at the mining ruins. (sunset 8:14, moonset 11:44pm, the Milky Way is visible at 2:48am, The Milky Way is best photographed between 3:15am and 6:00am)

Day 4 - April 5 (Tues)   Sleep in, breakfast served until 10:00 at the BBRA hotel Cafe. (7:19 am sunrise) Even though the workshop is officially over as of 6:00am this morning I will be available for computer help today from 11:00 - 4:00pm, You are free to leave for home today as you see fit, although after being up all night most people choose to stay another night and leave tomorrow morning!

Day 5 - April 6 (Wed)   Wake at your convenience to drive/fly home. Please drive safely!

Itinerary subject to change based on weather conditions and other factors we cannot predict. We cannot refund moneys due to bad weather. If you are concerned about this possibility we suggest you get travel insurance.

We hope you will join us on one of our adventures to help you learn how to create beautiful images with improved photography skills and artistic post-processing knowledge!

Hotel Booking Instructions

We are now using Chisos Mining Company Motel , 23280 FM 170, Terlingua, TX 79852 Phone: 432-371-2254. We will be staying in their condos not the regular rooms. I advise sharing a room if possible as we will only have 5 condos booked for students. We cannot block these rooms with the hotel until 3 months before the workshop. We hope they will let us do this on November 30, 2021 so call to book your room as soon after that as possible. You are not required to stay at this hotel but it will be more convenient for you for meals and computer time if you do. Call and ask for the TIPW Group or Nick Quinn group. The rate is $ 158/night including taxes. You must book before March 1st or they release these rooms to the public. You need to plan to arrive Friday April 1st and be checked in by 6pm at the hotel so we can get an early start on our quick night photography course before we go out. The workshop officially ends at 6:00 am on April 5th. If you choose to leave that morning you are welcome to do that to save money. Since I can't get up and drive after 2 hours of sleep I will check out the morning of April 6th.

CLICK here to send me an e-mail to sign up today and pay by check or go to the contact page to pay online by credit card! Do not sign up online if you want to pay by check!

Some locations depicted in these photos we cannot take the class to, due to the danger level of photographing there at night. We do not want anyone to ever get injured and will protect our students' health above all desires to achieve great photographs!

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Cemetary at Starlight Theater Terlingua TX Ghost Town with Milky Way behind it Indian Head Rocks with Milky Way Old stone mining ruins with Milky way behind it. Indian Head Stone with Milky Way behind it Cemetary at Starlight Theater Terlingua TX Ghost Town with Milky Way behind it Grapevine Hills with Milky Way Old Mining stone ruins with Milky way behind it. Balanced Rock light painted with Milky Way behind it Lightning Strike near Terlingua Adobe building on the River Road outside Lajitas Texas Abandoned Car wqith Milky Way in the background Bldg ruin walls in Terlingua Texas Pano of entire Milky Way with Greg on Left with flashlight pointed at Milky Way

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