Rick W. - New Mexico "I have participated in 8 workshops by the Impassioned team and all have been fun, challenging, and great learning experiences. I and most all participants come home with memorable images. There are several reasons for this. First the dedication of the instructors to teaching both in the field and in processing and their great experience and professionalism. Second, they often use a local guide who has very intimate knowledge of the workshop area who usually lives, shoots and explores in the area. This gets everybody some uniques shots and some extra insight into the area. That in turn helps participants to make better images. I can highly recommend the TIPW workshops.
Tony R - Houston,TX “Workshops like these can be expensive in both cost and time away from my business. The most valuable thing to me about TIPW (formerly "Woodallen Workshops") is that Alan and Nick have previously scouted their locations and know where the best images can be made and when the light is at its best. When you are in a place like Big Bend, Texas you are miles away from everything. They are masters at getting you to the right place at the right time for the best possible images. I appreciate the fact that they are always available to help with any questions and offer advice is a professional and friendly manor. Their critique is straight forward, informative, and supportive. Simply the best, most affordable workshops I have been on with instructors who spend more time making sure I get the images I want and not out padding their own portfolios. You can’t go wrong with TIPW.”
Jerry P. - Houston, TX
What draws me to the workshop is the guidance to photograph locations, the photo critiques and comradery! (Just one suggestion, with more people using Lightroom, some support for using Lightroom might be added to the workshop sessions)
TIPW Response : We are giving more Lightroom support now on all workshops thanks to student comments like this one! We need comments like this to make our workshops better. We don't always just want to hear just the good comments, that doesn't help us grow and improve.

Bob H. - San Antonio, TX I really enjoyed the experience. I basically wanted to have someone take care of the logistics and get me to locations that had great image possibilities. This workshop did exactly that and I am very happy with The new images I have of Big Bend in my portfolio. Great Job!
Richard M. - Houston,TX
I have participated in several TIPW workshops (formerly Woodallen Workshops), with the goal of making better photographs. I am a better photographer today than before these workshops and in addition to that Nick has been a really huge help with Photoshop. And by the way it was great fun!
Ellen S. - Conroe,TX
I can’t think of a better way to meet new people, see beautiful landscapes and improve your photography skills than attending TIPW workshops. Photo locations are already scouted so your time is used efficiently. You get individual attention both in the field and on the computer. For me, getting help with composition and camera settings was key to my experience. And, oh yes, being out in nature and God’s Country doesn’t hurt either.
Barbara M. - Houston, TX
Great workshop - I learned so much and enjoyed the dinning in; and never knew that Nick & Alan were so domestic, with planning a meal, cooking it and clean up - truly remarkable! Lets do it again. I enjoyed the varieties of vistas & subjects that provided different photographical opportunities & techniques - from Moon Valley to cemetery and more! A really Fun and creative group of photographers sharing different prospectives. So many creative ideas & practical knowledge learned by all!
More testimonials to come!

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