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Grand Teton Mountain range

Do you have an active passion for landscape photography? Does the idea of being outdoors enjoying nature's wonders sound better than sitting indoors watching TV or other less exciting pastimes?   If you answered yes, then The Impassioned Photographer's Workshops are meant for you.   Nick Quinn and Alan Montgomery have been working together since 1982 as professional photographers. Both share a desire to be making photographs every chance they get.  The love of photography is a special gift and Nick and Alan love to share that gift with their students.  From the vast beauty of the Grand Tetons to the small details of an insect on a flower, nothing makes them feel better than making great photographs and sharing their love and knowledge of photography with others!

Due to Alan Montgomery retiring in Oct 2017, Nick Quinn will be taking over the planning and business end of the workshops and Woodallen Workshops will need to change names and will now be called "The Impassioned Photographer's Workshops" in an effort to convey our own passion to keep growing in our knowledge of our craft as we help others with the same passion for learning, to be better as photographers!  Alan will continue to work as an instructor on the workshops but without the stress of all the behind the scenes preparations!  After all, retirement itself is stressful enough you know.

Grand Tetons among trees Moose lying under tree in Grand Teton National Park Elk crossing lake in the fog at Grand Teton National Park Sunrise on a lake in Grand Tetons

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